My Lute Takes Damage

and Other Atrocities


Following my initial excitement over having the ability to play a lute in Lotro, I discovered that the [gosh darn] thing takes significant damage and requires repair on a regular basis.

However, I haven’t yet determined what causes the damage.  Does the playing of the lute wear it out, or is it merely being damaged because it’s in my bag when I fight mobs?  I suspect the correct answer is “both.” 

If so, I might be able to stem some damage by leaving my lute in the bank all the time . . . but then, how much fun would that be?


Shortly after I noticed this issue, I realized that my bronze tools, such as my bronze mining pick and jeweler’s tools, may as well be made of putty. 

They constantly require costly repair, even when I’m not farming nodes or making jewelry, but simply minding my own business working on quests.  (Of course, soon I hope to find a good way to acquire more durable tools.  I’ll report back later on whether that helps.  Still, I’m skeptical that I can find a more durable lute . . .).

Speaking of instruments, here is the expensive “harp” acquired, at long last, by Bilba.


Bugged, apparently.  Perhaps like this poor NPC girl’s hair.


(Is it related to her playing . . . the lute?)

Well, if the . . . recorder-type thing . . . ever morphs into an actual harp, I’ll post again with the update. 

In the meantime, I must play on.  One slightly-blistered footstep at a time . . .


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