May 13, 2007



No you cannot has goretusk burger.






WoW non-combat pets FTW

May 4, 2007


Well, as this is the white kitten blog . . . I felt compelled to post about WarcraftPets.com, which was recently acknowledged by Bliz on the WoW website.

After a quick perusal, it looks pretty nice. The styling is simple and clean, and there’s even a little gnomegirl head with a quote bubble to comment about the merits of each pet.

The home page of the site is styled like the home page of Thottbot. You can search for a pet or click on a topical link to browse.

If you correctly type in the name of a pet (sorry, no googlistic “did you mean misTER wiggles?” here), you will be directed to that pet’s profile page.

There you will learn about him or her. For example, Mr. Wiggles’ profile is:

Favored Faction: NeutralNeutral
Description: Pink pot-bellied piglet.
Idle Animation: Grazes on weeds and wiggles rear.
Mobility: Runs/walks
Sound: None
Source: QUEST: [10]A Warden of the Alliance/Horde
Vendor buys for: n/a — vendors will not buy
Auction Price: n/a — item cannot be auctioned
Event Required: Children’s Week (May 9-16)
Rarity: U

In the case of Mr. Wiggles, the pet is acquired through completion of a quest. Other pets, such as the tiny crimson whelpling, can only be obtained by chance or by grinding.

The pet profiles on WarcraftPets.com will tell you which mobs drop the pet, and very generally where those mobs are located.

Breanni, the purported gnomegirl webmaster of the site, offers the following advice for anyone interested in grinding for these pets:

Multitask – Because you’re killing the same mobs over and over, you’ll quickly become accustomed to a routine. After a while, your routine becomes almost robotic, enabling you to multitask with ease. It’s not uncommon to farm while watching TV, listening to music, or chatting with your guild.

If I’d followed Breanni’s advice for several days, perhaps throwing a little NoDose into the mix, maybe I’d have a whelpling of my own. And a feeling of comradery with several pug members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in instance.