Back to Wow and I’m a AEK

December 6, 2007

I took all three quizzes at GuildCafe today, and I guess I’m not surprised at the results (although I did find some of the questions challenging and even a little unfair).



Also, we’ve moved back to WoW, even though it’s supposedly not the game of choice for AEKs like myself.  (But I missed the colors . . .)

Lotro cooking recipes – where tah find em?

June 24, 2007

Well, having given up on music-making for a while on Lotro (just couldn’t take the frustration), I’m focusing a lot on cooking.  Liadan is now a cook, and Bilba and kinsman Dengo are farmers, so supplies of veggies and grains are enormous.  Unfortunately, I can’t cook them all up  . . . because I have so few recipes.  I guess I’m not the only one who’s experienced this challenge, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.

I checked All-a-kha-z-am (sp??) for tips, but that was pretty futile.  So I took the Preview Release of Turbine’s own Lotro Lorebook for a spin instead.   Immediately, Crafting->Recipes->Cook Recipes looked promising.  However, the first one I clicked on told me about the recipe, but, sadly, not where to find it.  (Now, if you’re clicking on this in The Future, that may have changed, fyi .)  However, in, say, this recipe, you can clearly see that it is a quest reward.  That’s promising.

I expect the ability to find recipes – or at least to find information about them – will improve over time.  In the meantime . . .  what to do with 789 raspberries and 631 rhubarbs . . . . . . . . ?

(Grrr . . . .  where to find this?!)


My Lute Takes Damage

May 16, 2007

and Other Atrocities


Following my initial excitement over having the ability to play a lute in Lotro, I discovered that the [gosh darn] thing takes significant damage and requires repair on a regular basis.

However, I haven’t yet determined what causes the damage.  Does the playing of the lute wear it out, or is it merely being damaged because it’s in my bag when I fight mobs?  I suspect the correct answer is “both.” 

If so, I might be able to stem some damage by leaving my lute in the bank all the time . . . but then, how much fun would that be?


Shortly after I noticed this issue, I realized that my bronze tools, such as my bronze mining pick and jeweler’s tools, may as well be made of putty. 

They constantly require costly repair, even when I’m not farming nodes or making jewelry, but simply minding my own business working on quests.  (Of course, soon I hope to find a good way to acquire more durable tools.  I’ll report back later on whether that helps.  Still, I’m skeptical that I can find a more durable lute . . .).

Speaking of instruments, here is the expensive “harp” acquired, at long last, by Bilba.


Bugged, apparently.  Perhaps like this poor NPC girl’s hair.


(Is it related to her playing . . . the lute?)

Well, if the . . . recorder-type thing . . . ever morphs into an actual harp, I’ll post again with the update. 

In the meantime, I must play on.  One slightly-blistered footstep at a time . . .


May 13, 2007



No you cannot has goretusk burger.





WoW non-combat pets FTW

May 4, 2007


Well, as this is the white kitten blog . . . I felt compelled to post about, which was recently acknowledged by Bliz on the WoW website.

After a quick perusal, it looks pretty nice. The styling is simple and clean, and there’s even a little gnomegirl head with a quote bubble to comment about the merits of each pet.

The home page of the site is styled like the home page of Thottbot. You can search for a pet or click on a topical link to browse.

If you correctly type in the name of a pet (sorry, no googlistic “did you mean misTER wiggles?” here), you will be directed to that pet’s profile page.

There you will learn about him or her. For example, Mr. Wiggles’ profile is:

Favored Faction: NeutralNeutral
Description: Pink pot-bellied piglet.
Idle Animation: Grazes on weeds and wiggles rear.
Mobility: Runs/walks
Sound: None
Source: QUEST: [10]A Warden of the Alliance/Horde
Vendor buys for: n/a — vendors will not buy
Auction Price: n/a — item cannot be auctioned
Event Required: Children’s Week (May 9-16)
Rarity: U

In the case of Mr. Wiggles, the pet is acquired through completion of a quest. Other pets, such as the tiny crimson whelpling, can only be obtained by chance or by grinding.

The pet profiles on will tell you which mobs drop the pet, and very generally where those mobs are located.

Breanni, the purported gnomegirl webmaster of the site, offers the following advice for anyone interested in grinding for these pets:

Multitask – Because you’re killing the same mobs over and over, you’ll quickly become accustomed to a routine. After a while, your routine becomes almost robotic, enabling you to multitask with ease. It’s not uncommon to farm while watching TV, listening to music, or chatting with your guild.

If I’d followed Breanni’s advice for several days, perhaps throwing a little NoDose into the mix, maybe I’d have a whelpling of my own. And a feeling of comradery with several pug members I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in instance.

I got my first real five string

April 29, 2007

Me and some guys from the guild,

we had a band and we tried real hard.

Dengo quit;

Tistann got married.

I should have known

we’d never get far . . .


In WoW one cannot learn to play an instrument, but in Lotro one can.  My lore-master has taken up the lute, which is very cool.  (Although her only other option was clarinet, which is decidedly uncool, so she didn’t have too many options.)  My minstrel, not surprisingly, has a much broader variety of instruments available to her, including **harp** (yeah!) – but she’s still too destitute to afford one, so we’ll have to revisit that later.

Once you have your instrument, you can play it using the numbers on your keyboard, which apparently correspond to notes on the diatonic scale

1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8


So, for example, the first verse of Camptown Races obviously would be played as 5 5 3 5 6 5 3 , 3 2 3 2.  (Note: be sure to enter /music first and have your lute equipped as, if I remember correctly, a ranged weapon, before you attempt this.)

2.jpgOne thing you may notice about playing an instrument on Lotro, or at least playing the lute (we’ll see whether it applies to other instruments as well), is that you instantly become a rock star as soon as you begin playing, even if you’re just tapping randomly on the keyboard.  Toons will immediately gather around you and dance, clap, and otherwise indicate how wonderful you are.  It’s pretty entertaining, and if anyone gets scary you can just log out for a while.

Moving to Maine

April 28, 2007

Well, I apparently it’s not really Maine, and I’m not saying it’s a “move” either.  But I’ve been quite confused lately when my guildoes types things like “I’m in ME,” “Relocating to ME,” etc.  I found out that this is really referring to “Middle Earth” (at least I think).  And, it’s in reference to Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO, heh), which we have been discovering little by little during its beta run, and is now in release.

Lotro is similar enough to WoW that it’s not too painful to move from one to the other, but I have to admit it’s felt a little frustrating at times functioning in the Lotro world as a noob when in WoW I almost never stop to think anymore (unless something really fun is going on).  I guess this means that I’m not having enough fun or finding enough “challenge” in WoW atm, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the fault of WoW, at least not entirely.


(WoW is most fun played in groups, but pugs can really suck J so you need your group with you.  Since our tank ran off to Noo York Citee or somethin’ for a while, where apparently they don’t have The Computer much less The Internet, we’re kind of in a bad way.  So, we’ll get back to talking about Trinket (aka, Ula’s white kitten, duh)- at another time.)


For now, here’s a look at my guys:


This will probably the main – Liadan the Lore-Master (a MAN) shown with combat pet raven Fiasha.



There is also Bilba the Minstrel (a hobbit), however, her pic will need to wait until a future post.

I’m burnt so we’ll pick up this topic, where we left off, next time.